Path of life

Path of life

Myrna van Schoonhorst

The Artwork

Discover the artwork of talented artist Myrna van Schoonhorst, who beautifully captures the mystery and wonder of life's path through her acrylic on linen masterpiece "Path of Life."

Life is a journey of many facets, and through the creation of "Path of Life," Myrna has tried to articulate the enigmatic and unknown aspects of this journey. The painting draws the viewer in, inviting them to explore the twists and turns of the path depicted, creating a sense of curiosity and wonder.

With its great composition, "Path of Life" evokes a unique emotional experience, touching the heart and soul of anyone who just takes the time to admire it.

Myrna's artwork reminds us of the fascinating and sometimes challenging nature of life's journey, as well as the beauty and wonder that can be found along the way.

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Printed on: Museum quality fine art paper 330gr


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Limited edition

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Myrna's also offers limited edition prints of her paintings. Each artwork is meticulously reproduced in a numbered edition of only 50, regardless of size or printed medium. This ensures the exclusivity and collectability of these stunning pieces. Don't miss the opportunity to own a truly unique and limited edition print from Myrna's exceptional collection.


All Myrna's limited editions are provided with a handsigned and numbered certificate of authenticity


All Myrna's Limited editions are digitally signed and numbered

Myrna van Schoonhorst

In my work, I strive to find the connection between freedom, emotions, strength, and balance. For me, creating art is a way to break free from limitations and boundaries, to soar without any constraints. I let my creativity, spontaneity, and inner strength guide me on this artistic journey. Within my paintings, you will feel the energy and emotion that I infuse into every brushstroke, sometimes subtly, sometimes powerfull. I often incorporate textures ... read more


Path Of Life, 2022,
Printed On: Museum Quality Fine Art Paper 330gr,
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