Symmetrically Braided

Symmetrically Braided

Miechel Kockelkoren

The Artwork

This artwork is printed on 80cm x 80cm high-quality professional Fuji Crystal DP II photo paper and permanently glued to a 3 mm base plate of aluminum-Dibond. Next, a liquid, water-resistant Epoxy Clear Coating with a crystal-clear, glossy appearance is applied in thin layers of maximum 2 to 3 mm thick over the laminated artwork in a dust-free studio. The Epoxy Clear Coating envelops and seals the artwork, creating an ultra-transparent, brilliant finish for a crystal-clear view of the artwork. This applied technique also makes the colours more intense, sharper and deeper, creating an exclusive warm appearance.



Printed on: Dibond HQ Pro Fuji Crystal DP II photo paper


This is an original work; no additional copies are produced. Purchasing one of these exceptional pieces ensures that you possess an absolutely unique work of art.


The authenticity and uniqueness of each Miko Digipainting are guaranteed and confirmed by the enclosed signed Certificate of Authenticity signed and dated in the lower right corner and the additional signature and year on the back of the artwork. The artwork and the certificate are inextricably linked. The certificate is also provided with Secure QR Code Seals and a VOID fraud-proof hologram.


Hand-signed and dated on the bottom right corner and on the back

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Miechel Kockelkoren

My abstract digital paintings are the result of a combination of manual sketching, photographic and digital techniques. With my versatile creativity and my sense of color and image I have found my own individual creative expression in creating digital paintings. I use the latest technology to physically produce the digital artworks in extreme definition.


Symmetrically Braided, 2019,
Printed On: Dibond Hq Pro Fuji Crystal Dp Ii Photo Paper,

Size and weight


80.0 cm


80.0 cm


3.5 cm


6.5 kg

80.0 cm 80.0 cm
3.5 cm

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