Dance in Freedom

Dance in Freedom

Jezz Montyana

The Artwork

Jezz 's latest digital artpiece is a small testament to the artist's unwavering talent and understanding of human needs. As the name suggests, "Dance in Freedom" is all about freedom In this piece, Montyana beautifully emphasizes the significance of expressing oneself freely to unlock greatness and reach full potential in life.

With a skillful creativity, the image takes us to a vibrant world where a dance takes center stage in an array of color spatters, symbolizes the myriad of emotions and experiences that shape any woman's existence.

"Dance in Freedom" is about liberation, urging women to break free from any constraints, embrace their inner strength, and dance to the rhythm of their true selves.
We can't help but be moved by the artist's profound message - a reminder of the importance of unfettered self-expression and the limitless possibilities it holds.

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Printed on: Museum quality fine art paper 330gr


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Limited edition

Only 100 made


All works by Jezz are part of a limited edition series, with a total of 100 pieces available for acquisition. Regardless of size, 100 lucky individuals will have the privilege of owning one of these extraordinary artworks. All artworks are signed, numbered a acompanied with a certhificate of authenticity


All art by Jezz Montyana is signed, numbered and provided with a certificate of authenticity


All art by Jezz is digitally signed and numbered in the front

Jezz Montyana

As a digital artist and photographer, I invite you to immerse in my artistic universe. Renowned for my captivating drawings of mostly female figures, I blend photography and digital art. Using my iPad as a canvas, I bring enigmatic ladies to life, celebrating their beauty, strength, and uniqueness. Photography is my foundation for capturing raw emotion and intricate details. Through digital techniques, I draw a version of my photographs


Dance In Freedom, 2023,
Printed On: Museum Quality Fine Art Paper 330gr,
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