Diving Deep

Diving Deep

Froukje De Bot

100 x 100 x 2 cm

The Artwork

"Diving Deep," is the creation of talented artist Froukje de Bot. Inspired by a vivid spectrum of colors that appeared when she closed her eyes, Froukje embarked on a journey akin to starting an exciting voyage. As the brushstrokes unfolded, unexpected turns emerged, each requiring deliberate choices.

Immersed in the process, Froukje poured her heart and soul into this artwork. Layer upon layer, the canvas became a canvas for her emotions, ceaseless in its flow until the moment of completion. Every stroke, every nuance, captures the essence of her creative mind and passion.

"Diving Deep" invites you, the viewer, to dive into your own interpretation and story.



OIGINAL: Acrylic on Canvas


This is an Original painting. Froukje also offers limited edition prints of her paintings. Each artwork is meticulously reproduced in a numbered edition of only 10, regardless of size or printed medium. This ensures the exclusivity and collectability of these stunning pieces. Don't miss the opportunity to own a truly unique and limited edition print from Froukje's exceptional collection.


Froukje's art is all provided with a handsigned certificate of authenticity


All paintings by froukje de Bot are signed in the back

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Froukje De Bot

In my pursuit of self-discovery, I embarked on a quest fifteen years ago, delving into extensive training and gaining valuable insights into the importance of finding one's inner voice. Studying at the art academy and learning from various artists has contributed to shaping my unique authenticity as an artist. Intuitive painting has become my forte, allowing me to channel my creativity and self-expression.


Diving Deep, 2023,
Oiginal: Acrylic On Canvas,

Size and weight


100.0 cm


100.0 cm


2.0 cm


2.0 kg

100.0 cm 100.0 cm
2.0 cm

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