Jose Marcus

Jose Marcus


If winter has the courage to turn in to spring- Who says I can'nt bloom just the same. S.R.W.


creative artist, painter, illustrator, interior decorater, photostylist.


Europe, The Netherlands


Jose Marcus grew up in an artistic family. Since her youth she has been fascinated by nature. This combination led to her desire to process natural materials in visual art. Jose took painting lessons with various artists and experimented with mixed techniques, developing her own style in which figurative subjects and fairly abstract forms come together in harmony. José generally starts from a theme and works it out on several canvases.


The wonders of nature and creation itself

Work by Jose Marcus

As a multi-disciplined artist—who not only excels in painting but also holds skills as an illustrator, interior decorator, and photo stylist—Jose Marcus brings a spectrum of creative expertise to her artworks. This diverse skill set, coupled with her inspiration from nature and a commitment to experimenting with materials and techniques, makes Jose's work compellingly unique in the contemporary art scene.