Hans de Goede

Hans de Goede


As long as there is the opportunity to express yourself, then take that opportunity. Art is a great way to do so.


sculptor and enjoyer of life


Europe, The Netherlands, Soest


Hans de Goede is a sculptor from Soest in the Netherlands. His work has developed over the past twenty years from a slightly figurative form to more abstract work.
On the estate 'de Pattz' in Soest (Netherlands) he worked on the restoration of a cemented statue of a monk in the hermit's cave in the middle of a birch hedge maze.


Every encounter can be an impulse for a sculptor. Nature in particular is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. A few names of sculptors that appeal to me; Barbara Hepworth, Henri Moore, Berlinde de Bruyckere, Alberto Giacometti, Constatin Brancusi Emily Young, Joost Barbiers en Benoît Luyckx.

Work by Hans de Goede

Is defined through a progression from slightly figurative forms to more abstract work. His sculptures showcase a unique use of fluid lines, exuding a sense of movement and grace. With insightful compositions, Hans de Goede captures the essence of his subjects, bringing them to life in a subtile manner.