Dorette Ghajar

Dorette Ghajar


Less is more


I work with oil or acrylic paint on canvas, or on paper with mixed media, making frequent use of the gelliplate and collages.


Woerden, Netherlands


My name is Dorette Ghajar (Rotterdam, 1973)
I have always drawn and painted, but this got more serious when my children were small and I started to sell socalled ‘nursery art’. As my children grew, my art also matured.
In the meantime I started working in an art supply store and I tried all possible materials to find out what suited me.
In 2019 I joined the artists’ association of my hometown, which offered me the opportunity to exhibit more often.


I admire Picasso. In any case I love artists who practice the art of omission; who manage to capture the essence without showing too much. I am also inspired by everyday life. I see shapes everywhere that I want to use in my art and I am fascinated by repetitive patterns.

Work by Dorette Ghajar

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